Treatment For All Ages

At Enjoy Orthodontics Dr. Porto treat patients from as early as 5 years old to “any age” old.

Dr. Porto is Board Certified in Orthodontics and Board Certified in Orofacial Pain.

Orthodontic Treatment

A non-attractive smile has an impact on social life and self-confidence. No one is locked into their current tooth position. If your smile is affecting you or your family member, please contact us. Dr. Porto will discuss options you have to get your teeth straight and a healthy bite.

There are some conditions that have better results if treated at a young age.

If you are looking for a spectacular smile, a healthy bite and/or to be able to breathe better. Dr. Porto would love to be part of your journey to achieve that smile.  Regardless of your age, as long as you have healthy teeth, you are probably a good candidate for orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment goes way beyond straightening teeth, it may help with your breathing and it may provide you with a much better sleep quality.

Sleep breathing Disorders

It may happen at any age.

Kids with breathing problems usually do not sleep well, which may affect school performance, mental and behavioral health, and brain development. Having an early evaluation, and treatment (when necessary) may help prevent developmental, mood and behavioral problems.

Poor sleep quality and breathing disorders have been linked to several health problems, such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. It can also affect your mood, your performance at work, and your ability to enjoy the good moments with your loved ones.

Dr. Porto can discuss your concerns and suggest treatment options based on your case.

Orofacial Pain

Only one who has experienced orofacial pain understands how devastating it can be. Unfortunately, Orofacial Pain does not have restrictions to age; it can affect everyone. If that happens to you, to your child, grandchild or anyone you know, you do not need to suffer in silence. Dr. Porto has a lot of experience treating patients with orofacial pain/TMJ disorders. He will carefully evaluate you and discuss treatment options.

 Only use this scheduling option to schedule your first ORTHODONTIC evaluation. To schedule for Orofacial Pain/TMJ evaluation, please give us a call