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How to have successful treatment with Clear Aligners:

  • Wear your trays for at least 22 hours a day Wear your trays all the time, except when brushing your teeth, eating or drinking anything other than water.
  • Brush your teeth and trays after you eat or drink any liquid other than water. The trays sit on top of your teeth and trap the food/liquid left behind, which can permanently damage your teeth. Only use cold water and toothpaste (or liquid hand soap) to brush your trays.
  • Change your trays on the interval recommended by your orthodontist Changing your trays too soon may delay your treatment and cause undesired tooth movement. Always keep your old trays because your orthodontist may ask you to go back a few trays if he notices teeth are not moving correctly.
  • Change your trays when you go to sleep The first 8 hours after starting new trays is when your teeth will experience the most movement. It is best if you do not take your trays out.
  • If you lose a tray Please go to the next set of trays. If you do not have them or they do not fit, go back to the previous trays and call our office during the next available business hours.

  • Please read your aligners instructions for more details

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