Free Orthodontic Consult

Going to orthodontic appointments is just part of your treatment. You and Dr. Porto will team up together to achieve your amazing smile.

Having braces is fun, you will be able to select different colors, and see the changes in the position of your teeth.

Take pictures of your smile, post online and tag us @enjoyorthodontics and use our hashtags  #enjoyortho #enjoyorthodontics

Here is some good information about your orthodontic journey:


  • Brush after every meal and brush and floss at night
  • Dental Hygiene appointments should be continued every 6 months (or less if recommended by your dentist)
  • White spots/decalcification could happen on your teeth if plaque is not removed with daily brushing
  • Use the provided “care kit”
    • – Floss threader: it is a flexible piece of plastic to assist in passing dental floss behind orthodontic wires.
    • – Proxabrush: For in between and around brackets
    • – Wax: Can be used as a cushion between your brackets and checks or lips
    • – Travel toothbrush: A handy spare for work or school

EATING (avoid the following foods)

  • Sticky food such as gum, caramels, taffy, etc
  • Drinking or eating foods/snacks containing sugar
  • Hard food such as hard candy, carrots, corn on cob, popcorn, ice, hard bread, pizza crust, etc. (cut healthy food, like raw fruit and vegetables into smaller pieces)
  • Foreign objects such as pencils, fingernails, etc


Wearing braces may feel strange and uncomfortable for the first 1-2 weeks. A non-prescription pain reliever can help alleviate any discomfort after your appointment (Tylenol is recommended; Ibuprofen and other NSAIDs can slow tooth movement)


If a bracket comes off and is causing discomfort, or if you are experiencing any other

discomfort, please give us a call, and we will determine if you need to be seen before your next scheduled appointment.


You can definitely use a mouthguard with braces. A mouthguard will not only help to prevent breaking the braces, but most important, it will protect your teeth and soft tissue from injuries. Please, do NOT use any mouthguard that is molded to your teeth as they are continuously changing position.

 Only use this scheduling option to schedule your first ORTHODONTIC evaluation. To schedule for Orofacial Pain/TMJ evaluation, please give us a call