TMJ Disorders

Dr. Porto is board certified in orofacial pain and he developed and implement the Orofacial Pain/TMD curriculum at the University of Connecticut, where he taught Orofacial Pain for almost 5 years. He understands how devastating orofacial pain can be for someone who has it. Dealing with the unknown and visiting several health care providers looking for answers has a financial and emotional impact on the patient and family.

Dr. Porto will spend the necessary time evaluating and explaining his finds to you. He will discuss the treatment plan and what to expect from the treatment options. Dr. Porto compassion and time dedication to his patients have caused a positive impact on them. Dr. Porto wants you to be back to your normal self and be able to enjoy all the good moments life gives you.

 Only use this scheduling option to schedule your first ORTHODONTIC evaluation. To schedule for Orofacial Pain/TMJ evaluation, please give us a call