First Visit

First Orthodontic Visit (Records appointment)

At your first visit our team will take a digital x-ray of all your teeth and pictures of your face and teeth.

Dr. Porto will then perform a clinical evaluation to collect information that will be important to design your treatment plan. Your plan may have several options, and Dr. Porto will discuss them in detail so that you may select the one that works best for you.

This first appointment will take approximately 45 to 60min.

If you are ready to start treatment, we will do our best to start that same day.

We do NOT take dental impressions anymore; if your treatment includes the use of aligners or any lab made appliances, we scan your teeth with an intraoral scanner.

First Orofacial Pain/TMD or Sleep Breathing Disorders Visit

During this visit Dr. Porto will carefully listen to your history regarding your chief complaint. He will ask several questions and perform a clinical evaluation.

Dr. Porto will then discuss his findings with you and discuss treatment options.

Sometimes Dr. Porto will need to work closely with other health care providers in order to offer you the best treatment option. Please bring with you any previous exams and images related to your chief complaint, as well as a list of your current medications, and a list of the treatments you have tried.

 Only use this scheduling option to schedule your first ORTHODONTIC evaluation. To schedule for Orofacial Pain/TMJ evaluation, please give us a call