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I was born and raised in Brazil. I have been married to my wonderful wife since 2004, together we have two daughters, and we also have two adopted dogs. In our free time, we love spending quality time together as a family, and often enjoy many outdoor activities.

Growing up, I lived in multiple cities since my father’s job required frequent relocation. This process quickly taught me how to face the difficulties and challenges associated with moving. I have learned the real value of family and friends, and that we are respected not from where we came from, but instead for who we are. My father taught me that everyone should strive to do their best in everything that they do.

From my childhood I have learned to set high goals and work with diligence and honesty to achieve them. Besides teaching me how to be a good person, to value our strengths and work on our weakness, my father also helped develop my hand skills. As a child, I used his tools and wires to build my own toys. Being able to work with my hands, as a child, was probably the beginning of my interest in dentistry.

However, such interest was solidified during high school, when I had braces. I remember being fascinated every time that I would go to my orthodontist. My interest in dentistry quickly developed into a passion that has led me down a long and exciting education journey in the dental profession.

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I received my dental (DDS) degree in 2000, from the University of Pernambuco-Brazil, where I also completed my first 3-year Certificate training in Orthodontics, graduating in 2003. In 2010 I completed a certificate training in Orofacial Pain and TMD, and received my Masters of Science degree from the University of Kentucky. I received my second certificate in Orthodontics, and a Masters in Science of Dentistry from the Medical University of South Carolina in 2018.

During my career, I taught Orofacial Pain at the University of Connecticut where I received three different teaching awards. I also taught Orthodontics at the Medical University of South Carolina, and at the Military Hospital in Recife-Brazil.

I have been invited to lecture at more than 100 events, nationally and internationally. I have several publications in Orthodontics and Orofacial Pain/Temporomandibular Disorders. 

I am board certified in Orthodontics, and board certified in Orofacial Pain.

Even though I was born in Brazil, I am very proud to be an American Citizen. I speak Portuguese and English, and now I want to learn Spanish. My goal continues to be based on my father’s words, to be the best that I can be, being honest and doing that which I love the most. I would love to meet you and your family and help all of you get the smile you always wanted, or improve your sleep quality and/or treat a TMJ pain or other orofacial pain; because what really matters for me is to see you enjoying the good moments in life.


University of Pernambuco – Recife, PE, Brazil, Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, Class of 2000

University of Pernambuco – Recife, PE, Brazil, Orthodontic Residency, Class of 2003

University of Kentucky – Lexington, KY, USA, Masters of Science, Class of 2010

University of Kentucky – Lexington, KY, USA, Residency in Orofacial Pain and TMD, Class of 2010

Medical University of South Carolina – Charleston, SC, USA, Masters of Science in Dentistry, Class of 2018

Medical University of South Carolina – Charleston, SC, USA, Orthodontic Residency, Class of 2018

Board Certified in Orthodontics

Board Certified in Orofacial Pain

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